Brancoveanu Monastery - details and images

Sambata de Sus monastery, known as the Upper Monastery Brâncoveanu Saturday, is a monastic establishment of monks. Initially, he had a wooden church with dedication double (Assumption and Healing Spring) was built in 1657, the initiative Brâncoveanu official Preda. Between 1696 - 1707 he built a church wall by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu care. Interior murals were executed in 1766, the painters and Wedge Ionaşcu. The monastery was demolished by General gun Preiss Habsburg in 1785, during religious outbreaks in Transylvania.

Metropolitan Nicolae Balan began restoration of the church in 1926, and the dedication was made in 1946 during the reign of Michael I, King of Romania, whose portrait we see him painted inside the church, King Michael I, being the second founder of a monastery .

The monastery is situated at the foot of the Fagaras mountains in a natural setting. It can rightly consider that we are "paying on a per-picor a breath of heaven" around him. Fresh, clean air, silence broken only by chirping birds or the voice of those around. Fast mountain springs, forests with trees trees which contribute to creating a fairytale atmosphere in any of the four seasons.

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