Breb Village - details and images

The name of the village comes from Breb, a water animal (European beaver), who lived in Breboaia, the river that crosses the village. Regarding the name of the commune, Ocna Sugatag, the archaeological discoveries (stone hammers, slabs, other tools) attest that the population of this area exploits salt from the stone age. Another historical document attests the existence in 1489 of the mine Paul Silvestru, of the group of mines Ana-Iuliana and Elisabeta, which were royal domain. In 1950, due to the massive freshwater infiltration, the mines were closed, in the following years taking place on the old sites of the salt lakes mines, natural spa-climatic resources that were the basis for the development of the resort in the locality.

Because it has so well preserved the traditions and port of the elderly, the town of Breb, in Maramures, attracts foreign photographers every year who want to immortalize one of the rare imprints of the past. The locals in the village of Maramureșan are firm: they do not want to give up traditions even in the breaking of the head. This is why, on Sundays, they put on their popular efforts and go to work, to church.

 In the town there are several vantage points: Coconut Ridge, Morarenilor Lake and Chendroaie Taul, all nature reserves. In the village there is an old wooden church, from the year 1300.

You can also see here the massive wooden doors, older or newer, which can be found in all four localities of the commune. The wooden gate represents the most important element of the traditional architecture of the peasant in Maramures. It is constructed of three large oak pillars, which are connected by a border. The roof of the gate is in four waters, as in houses. It has a gateway for the passage of people and the large gate for trailers and animals. The gate represents an indicator of the social and economic prestige of the respective family. The ornamental motifs used to decorate the port are the rope, the sun signs, the "wolf tooth and the gin", the "flower pot", stylized flowers, the Tree of Life in different variants, large or smaller rhomboid motifs.

Sheep at the mountain, where milking and milking are practiced, the Game of the Sopron, the Christmas carols, with groups of carolers at the houses, are traditions and traditions from the place. Cheese, some kind of sarmale or ribs and sausage with seafood are dishes that you can enjoy here. Women basket, embroider and make traditional costumes. At the same time, Petru Pop Nita is sculpting and not anyway, with talent, skill and skill, ennobling the wood and giving it life, transforming it into traditional Romanian art. Petru Pop is working on maple, cherry, hawthorn, hair and elm. He considers wood as valuable as gold. He carves pits with jigs, prescriptions, rubbers, crumbs, different crosses, spoons of many kinds. At his house he arranged a workshop and an exhibition in a wooden house, which has over 500 exhibits.

You can find accommodation in Breb - Ocna Sugatag at the many hostels in the locality, but also in the surroundings, and here you can either go by car on DJ 109, through Cavnic and Sighetul Marmatiei, or by bus from Sighetul Marmatiei or from Baia Mare. The village of Breb is presented in the official guide The most beautiful villages in Romania.

The rare beauty of the village of Breb fascinated even Prince Charles, so he made the decision to buy more traditional wooden houses here. Breb was included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Romania, being one of the most photographed places in the country. And no wonder if we think that the tourists who come to this picturesque place in Maramureș, especially during the holidays, have the impression that they have returned in time.

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