Bucegi Mountains - details and images

Bucegi Mountains stretch along the upper portion of the Prahova Valley, in Southern and Eastern Carpathians majestic to look like pearls scattered cities in this valley: Predeal, Azuga, Busteni, Poiana Tapului, Sinaia. It covers the territory of the counties of Dambovita, Prahova and Brasov.
Prahova county is rocky and steep slope, has a difference of over 900 m, shows the naked walls of rock, pitted with deep chimneys of the brane grassy hot, dominating the hollow fangs and pens deep valleys - Miller, Deer Valley, White Jepilor, Urlatoarea Great, Baba, Spring Longing.
In striking contrast to the steep slope prahovean the other side of the mountain, and Ialomita Longing for Spring, lies a high plateau, covered with large alpine meadows and juniper trees.

Fauna is represented by the boar, hare, wolf, fox, bear, deer, lynx, deer, squirrel. Some birds appear here capercaillie, hazel hen, Lammergeier and cold mountain waters are fish that trout, chub and barbel. In the alpine area meet the golden eagle and chamois.

There are two cable car routes from Hawaii to the Old Women and Old Women - Cave, and Sinaia to Cota 1400 and then share 1400 - 2000 quota. Bucegi Natural Park there are two roads that go through almost the entire surface car, easier access to tourists: one from the south, starting from the city and up to the dam Moroeni Bolboci hotel further up the cave, where it intersects with the road what goes on Bucegi Plateau, one from the East, departing from Sinaia, Longing and climbs to the nest on the saddle and hence Dichiului either plateau or Ialomita Valley. Otherwise, access is allowed on trails and forest roads.
Access Location: Sinaia, Poiana Tapului, logs, Azuga Predeal Moroeni, Pietroşiţa, Bran, Rucăr, Zărneşti

Bucegi Mountains cottages have many different degrees of comfort, size and amenities, as well as a 3 star hotel Ialomita Valley.

Some of the massive points of interest:

Stones from Omu - geomorphological importance are found in northern massif Omu Peak, the highest point in the Bucegi mountains, the eighth summit in Romania, with an altitude of 2505 m.

Cross heroes, historical and tourism, is a monument built between 1926-1928 on Mount Caraiman to honor the memory of the Romanian heroes killed in WWI.

Niagara Urlatoarea
It is a pear-shaped waterfall Urlatoarea in near Hawaii, near the tourist route leading from Hawaii to the Bucegi Plateau Valley Jepilor Mari. You can reach the village of Poiana Ţapului.
Urlatoarea Falls is one of the most spectacular, because the flow and height (15 meters).
Format on the river of the same name, Cascada Urlatoarea hide and a legend ... They say the noise of falling water or the sound of a waterfall is crying constantly shepherded o Jepilor old child that scared the love of two brothers jumped off the rocks.
The road to the waterfall is the easiest route in Bucegi. The route can be done in one hour walk through the forest. Soon reach the foot Jepilor, where the waterfall Urlatoarea.

Sphinx-alt. 2216 m
Located 10 minutes from the chalet Old Women, the great Sphinx of Bucegi, was photographed, it seems, for the first time in 1900, but the front, not in profile, as shown in pictures "normal." He was named only since 1936. Sphinx picture emerged when the rock, now 8 m high with a width of 12 m, was seen from a certain angle, its reference to an axis that starts by Baba Vantoaselor him, as it tells a nearby cliff. Rock-looking man looks to the circle of precession of the equinoxes. Megalithic takes shape most clearly on 21 November, when the sun goes down.

Old Women
Along the Sphinx rises rock group known as "Old Women". Maintaining Contact with the sphinx they were nicknamed "cyclopean altars of Caraiman" is dedicated to the Earth and Sky, Sun and Moon as Mars, god of war and agriculture. Their occurrence of legends and theories formed. Some researchers estimate that modelers agents were supported by water and wind frozen and thawed. It it also regards the alternation of rock, sandstone and limestone on the plateau. But human intervention can not be denied the dressing forms more or less regular. So far, no scientific evidence could not explain the entire phenomenon and thus rock legends around these develop further, connecting with the supernatural reality

Horoabei Gorge

Ialomita Cave
It carries a single level over a length of approximately 480 m, 400 m of which are accessible to tourists, to the point called "the Shrine" will further upstream portion 80 m, with galleries and halls. Level difference is 60 m. It is crossed by a stream. The cave has a mixed way, presenting both galleries and halls.
Cave shaped semielipsă, opens onto a horizontal terrace, which is located at 18 m above the valley bottom. Even the entry in Ialomita Cave Monastery is erected in the sixteenth century, founded by Prince Romanian Country, Mihnea Evil. The monastery burned several times before.

Tătarului Gorge
Includes a key sector of Ialomita Padina chalet located downstream of a length of 0.5 ha. Reserve was founded in 1970 and its content are protected in many and diverse karst landforms: clints, caves, towers, etc.. Of the Cave Bear Cave stands as the highest ski resort considered Paleolithic in our country. It consists of two corridors: one 88 m long and 25 m long second.
Zanoagei Gorge
It covers 150 hectares and is located near Lake Scropoasa. In its content is protected by an "island" of trees and plants with many rare thermophilous: Anchusa burellieri, Astragallus depressus, Carduun candicans, Pinus cembra.
The keys have a length of 1 km, is considered the most imposing Bucegi Mountains. Ialomita Here is bordered by vertical walls with a height with a height of 200 m.

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