Byzantine Museum - details and images

The museum's large collection of art from the period testify to the development of early Christianity until post-Byzantine (fourth-nineteenth century). The collections include sculptures, paintings and small decorations from Greece and other parts of the Byzantine Empire as Asia Minor, Black Sea, Egypt and the Danubian principalities which today is Romania. The collection also includes icon 3500, a large number compared with other museums, were collected from different parts of the Byzantine Empire and covering a period of 1,000 years of history.

When the museum expansions will be completed, all the 15,000 items of the collection will be exhibited, and the building will be part of a huge archeological park which includes a small Aristotle School outdoor amphitheater.

Byzantine Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday between 8:00 and 19:30, closed on Mondays.

Byzantine Museum entrance fee is EUR 4 EUR 2 for adults and children and students

Address: Vassilis Sofias street 22

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