Byzantine Tower of Ouranopolis - details and images

The main landmark is the tower Ouranopolis Byzantine most impressive monumental structure in Halkidiki, built in the XIV century monastery Vatopedi effort.

The tower was burned in 1821 and restored shortly after 1865, with annex building (the press to produce olive oil, oven, stables, a blacksmith shop and two buildings housing the civilian workers), of which there are still only tower, blacksmith shop and home workers.

In 1922, as a solution to the problem of finding areas that refugees from Caesar and Propontis can be definitively established, the Greek government decided to confiscate the area around the tower Ouranopolis monastery. Former merchants and carpet weavers lived in abandoned monastery buildings to build the first houses. Since 1922, the tower used until then as home for monks farm managers, to provide shelter for 10 years a family of writers, consists an Australian and a Scottish arrived in the area shortly after the arrival of refugees from Caesar and Propontis .

Entering the tower is through a courtyard outside a massive wooden door, reinforced with metal targets. A steep ladder leads to the upper floors, where two wooden balconies are hung in a precarious position of the exterior walls. Here is a small chapel and two-headed Byzantine eagle carved in stone at age show floor building. The chapel was used by locals long before the church to be built.

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