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The entrance to the mine is made on 192 old fir steps from the beginning of the operation, mineralized by the brine that has penetrated the wood, spirally arranged surrounding the main access and aeration well. Underground temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius.
The Salt Museum - is located in the administration building and holds tools, maps, photographs, various minerals, archaeological culture.
St. Varvara Roman-Catholic chapel - at the end of the stairs with 192 steps, 21 meters deep [9]. The chapel, the first of its kind arranged in a salt mine in Romania , was inaugurated in 1806 at the initiative of the Polish priest Jakub Bogdanowicz, who wanted the Roman Catholic miners to have where they prayed before and after the work was completed (in the locality) being no church). Initially it was lined with wood, it was removed in 1904. The patron saint of the chapel is Saint Varvara, the patron saint of the miners. The chapel holds: altar, icons, chandelier, pulpit and balcony for choir. The altar and the pulpit were carved in salt. The chapel has the dimensions: 25 m long, 9 m wide and 7 m high. The walls are rectangular, and on the right side there is an icon representing Saint Varvara. Once upon a time, the Holy Mass was celebrated underground daily, attended by Catholic, Greek-Catholic and Orthodox miners. Currently, on December 4 of each year, the priests of the 3 denominations descend into the chapel to celebrate a Tedeum, and the children present an artistic program in folk costumes of the 3 ethnicities and in 3 languages.
Orthodox chapel - located at a depth of 35 meters, where Horizon I. takes place. In this area, the gallery dug directly into the salt is much larger and has on the walls bas-reliefs carved in the rock of salt, with religious theme, the recent work of sculptors from area, some similar models from Salina in Wieliczka near Krakow. On the right side of the chapel is the Icon of Saint Daniel Sihastr.
Salt Lake - is a man-made artificial arrangement dug by miners at a depth of 35 meters. The size of the lake is 10x6 meters.
The dance hall also called "Ing. Agripa Popescu Hall" (after the name of the first general director of the State Monopolies Board) - at a depth of 37 meters, it has relatively large dimensions: 24x12x12 meters, and at its ends it has 3 balconies dug in salt. Here were organized balls, festive meetings.
The Dwarves Cave
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