Cape Kaliakra - details and images

Kaliakra is a beautiful promotoriu few kilometers from the Romanian-Bulgarian border. To get there, you have to draw the main road about 12 kilometers of Vama Veche and Balchik.

Promoters Kaliakra (Cape Kaliakra) stretches over 2 km in the Black Sea is about 60 meters above sea level, is a limestone rock formation. Inaccessibility of the place made it a big ancient fort, the second important city after Tomis. During that called Tirisis. The fortress was successively used by the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians. Even today, the promotoriu is a Bulgarian military unit. A legend says that this fortress has housed Lyzimah riches, the successor of Alexander the Great.

Now, here is a small museum can be seen in archaeological items. Also, pre promotoriu are the ruins of ancient fortresses, which includes the gate through which come from the continent, but the city walls and ruins of various buildings, churches, Roman baths and fountains common. Another legend refers to a group of Bulgarian girls who were thrown off marere promotoriu in order not to be captured and converted to Islam by the Turks. It is probably the most popular legend, at the entrance and a monument dedicated existrand Kaliakra virgins who were thrown into the sea - "The Gate of the 40 virgins."

The Kaliakra took place in August 1791 a major naval battle in the Russo-Turkish war of 1787-1792 period. After 1989, the winner of the battle, a Russian admiral, was sanctified by the Orthodox Church. Another legend refers to Saint Nicholas, patron of fishermen. While he was chased by the Turks, God made the earth under his feet to defend, and thus could escape. Thus would be formed Cape Kaliakra. Eventually, however, was St. captrurat, and in 1983 a small chapel was built on promotoriu, symbolizing the tomb. Also they say that there was a dervish monastery at the Kaliakra Cape during Ottoman rule, with osemnitele a Muslim saint.

Cape Kaliakra was declared a protected area in 1941, now having about 687 hectares. At a time there was even a colony of seals. The promoters Kaliakra water can now be seen in several species of dolphins from the Black Sea, and various species of birds: cormorants, gulls, etc..

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