Caraiman Monastery - details and images

Caraiman Monastery is an Orthodox monastery located in the area of logs at the foot of the massif Caraiman. Cross on Caraiman steps like guarding the path that leads pilgrims to the monastery. Going to lift the logs, at a time, on the left, a sign and an icon shows the path, with slabs of stone in places, leading to the monastery.

The trail, like walking on hidden beneath the dark crowns of trees, reaching, eventually, into an oasis of light, massive Caraiman ivindu is in his splendor. In this clearing, Puiu Gerontius Father raised God's mercy and with Virgin, a large monastery.

Parents have had years to settle here, but not randomly, but with the guidance of the Holy Virgin, which was shown several times in dreams, giving him almost all heavy moments. Monk says that since coming to the world incessantly felt protected by the Virgin Mary, who chose to fulfill a sacred mission: the ascension of a monastery.

Father listened Gerontius Puiu Virgin command and lived as a hermit for ten years in a cave until the summer of 1970. For ten years, every night, he looked great on Caraiman cross. Then say, "I swore Maicutei Lord, if I return safely to the world below, will build a monastery dedicated to the Ascension of the Holy Cross, the court which can be seen the cross on top Caraimanului.

After the Revolution of 1989 he returned to Neamt Monastery, where monks still alive recognized him, although 30 years had passed. He was anointed monk there, then was enrolled in seminary, although it had only completed four classes in their village. A week was a deacon, then, this happened in 1992, the local bishop anointed priest, after "order of Melchizedek" because past the age of Christ.

In 1995, while a faithful confess, father of Gerontius Puiu, then a priest at the great monastery Cetatuia Iasi, had a stroke, after which he could not move half of the body. He was admitted to hospital Tatarasi, where he spent three months and then was transferred to a sanatorium in Sinaia. Doctors who cared for him told him that it will take years to recover.

But only stayed there one night. Situated in a book with another priest and a Christian father and was shown again, this time very close, Lady. "I brought here with a mission, remember!" He whispered Preacurata. "How could meet, Mother, now, when are paralyzed?" Asked the father. "Wake up you're not sick" I was told. And father remembers: "Then he said oppressed: You will find a tree with six branches, near a river, a vast realm where you can see the cross on which you swore. Monastery there to do."

After more searching, finally, the father has seen Gerontius Puiu dream come true, starting construction in Poiana Palanca a place of worship for monks and a church. In early 1996, Father Gerontius Puiu lived in a wooden hut in the desert at that time.

In the midst of them was a tree cut by the storm, where the Virgin Mary image found, as a candelabrum tree that is huge. At its peak there is a white cross that lights up at dusk, with the city's public lighting logs. Inside the wooden chapel, built around the great tree, the trunk is closed between four wooden walls, each side being adorned with icons and Holy Cross.

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