Carasului Keys - details and images

The length of the docks is about 18-19 km, with walls rising 150 to 250 m above the valley and with numerous caves whose entrances are at different heights from the valley.
Caras counts as the longest and wildest wharves in Romania and represents two wharves separated by the Prolaz River, place where the slopes have retired to make room for the few settlements and households on the banks of the Caras river.
The entrance to the docks is made from the Carașova commune, walking along a path along the Caraș river, and the keys are walked on foot, having the opportunity to see the beautiful vegetation, caves and landscapes of the docks. The tourist objectives of Caras Gorge are: Văleaga Cave, Cârsa Cave, Liliecilor Cave, Cave below the Fortress, Caraș Fortress, Cave in the Prolaz road, Prolaz Glade etc.
Flora and fauna are, as varied, as unusual. Rapture birds, such as the mountain eagle, the snake and the traveling falcon, but also the viper and the snake, or, why not, some species of bats can be found. The wolf, the jder, the laughter, the deer, the Carpathian bear, which are just a few of the savages we encounter here, can come your way.

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