Castle Potidea - details and images

What keeps the castle wall Potidea is 1,200 m long, whose ends are extended in the Gulf and Gulf Toroneos Thermaic, stopping in the right arising from the high towers.

Thus, when the castle gates closed, access to the peninsula was stopped. Name Corinthian colonies - Potidea who took part in the battle of Plataea (479 BC) is mentioned on a pedestal of bronze gods worshiped by the winners.

Conquered by the Athenians in 431 BC and destroyed in 357 BC then King Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, the city was rebuilt from the ground in 316 BC King Cassander, who is due to the construction of the canal with a protective role for the entire peninsula. Destroyed by the Huns in 540 DC, the city was rebuilt and fortified with a wall of defense, set a side channel, the Byzantine emperor Justinian. Wall, reinforced the Venetian occupation, was restored four centuries later and used as barricades in 1821 during the fighting that preceded the Greek Independence from Ottoman rule.

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