Catherine Teodoroiu Memorial House - Targu Jiu - details and images

Catherine Teodoroiu Memorial House (1894-1917) is situated on the boulevard of the same name, no. 270 of Targu Jiu, Gorj County.

Built in 1884 by parents of Catherine, farm house bedroom houses, one room with fireplace and sleeping. In front of the house and on the west side is the entrance hall. The roof is made of mesh.

By 1945 the house was inhabited by family members, and since 1959, after restoration, is memorial house "EcaterinaTeodoroiu. Photographs, documents and personal objects of lieutenant Catherine Teodoroiu, faithfully recreate the atmosphere in which he lived which was called "the Jiu heroine.

The heroine of World War I, by signing up as volunteers and participated in the battles to defend the Jiu ancestral lands and on the Moldavian front. A hero died in battle, leading his platoon in battle Marasesti, August 22, 1917.

On the evening of 22 August after heavy fighting, Catherine is with his platoon in the trenches, Secula hill above the creek Zăbrăuciorul, Muncelului area.
In those moments, noting that the enemy is preparing a counterattack, Catherine left the position in the trenches and hoping to persuade him to start the Romanian soldiers attack exhortation: "Before the boys, do not leave, you're with me." Immediately he was struck by two bullets in the heart coming from the positions occupied by the German Reserve Infantry Regiment 40, his last words were: "Forward! Avenge me. "

His bones were brought in Targu-Jiu years later in 1921 and buried in the center where, in 1936, will raise a mausoleum, which is represented in relief on four sides, scenes of military life and work of the heroine , Catherine Teodoroiu lieutenant.

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