Cave Meresti - Harghita - details and images

Meresti Great Cave (Balázs Orbán Cave), N46 ° 13.100 'E025 ° 32.692', is located in the central part of Varghis Quay, Harghita Mountains, in the stone wall called Wonderland Rock.

This cave has long been regarded as the longest in the Eastern Carpathians and is located in a karst area which are also found about 50 caves.

The total development of the galleries and halls of the Great Cave Meresti is 1527 m, and 50 m total drum, with four cave entrances.

Cave, with endokarst interesting shapes, but quite low in speleoteme has large galleries, tall chimneys, massive breakdowns and large rooms, filled with clay.

In the Great Hall of the cave is one of the largest bat colonies in the Eastern Carpathians and, here, have been discovered fossils of prehistoric man.

Access to the cave is on a wooden staircase in the north of the cave.

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