Central University Library - Bucharest - details and images

Central University Library in Bucharest, short BCU library is particularly frequented by students, but also by other participants in academic life. It is located in the Palace of Charles University Foundation, former head of the Royal Foundation.

The building was built on the site bought by King Charles I and was designed by French architect Paul Gottereau. The construction was completed in 1893 and within two years of establishment, named Charles University Foundation, was equipped and furnished. The inauguration was made by King Charles I on 14 March 1895. In 1911, under the same architect, the building is expanded and placed into service on May 9, 1914.
By the Decree. 136, 12 July 1948, Foundation University Library University Library becomes CI Parhon Bucharest.

During the Revolution of 1989, the building was burned and lost the library consists of rare books. Have been destroyed over 500,000 books, rare maps, nearly 3,700 manuscripts belonging to important persons of culture, including Eminescu Maiorescu Caragiale Coşbuc, Blaga, Eliade.
Since April 1990, under the aegis of UNESCO, began the reconstruction and modernization of the library.
The building exterior was restored on 20 November 2001 and was officially reopened.

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