Church of St. Constantine and Elena - Bacau - details and images

Church of Sts Constantine and Elena "is the only foundation in the town of Bacau boyar. It was built between the years leading pasoptiste revolution, that between 1842 -1845. The founders of this church are phat and Anton Enachi Krupenski Birzu.

Following the execution of paintings in 1923, after drawings made by George Sterian, who served then as the painting Curtea

Arges, the church of Sts "became the most beautiful church in Bacau.
In the church courtyard houses has long been a school, founded in 1846, when preparing candidates for admission to the seminar Socola.

Following earthquakes in 1986 and 1990, the church was seriously damaged. As with other important places of worship, the amount allocated from the State budget for the restoration was small. "In 1997, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has allocated 10 million lei for restoration. We have started building works, but a large part of the donation money came from believers," said pastor John Chiribau.

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