Church St. Trinity - details and images

St. Trinity translates as Holy Trinity Church, has a beautiful history and emanates love, desire, power, spirit and trust.
The church is in the heart of the city and is one of its symbols.
It was built in 1810, at the decision of the inhabitants headed by Grandfather Laz, mayor of the city.
Due to some obstacles the construction of the church began in 1833, in which all the people of the city worked both poor and rich.
In the year 1835, finally, the "Holy Trinity" church was consecrated and opens the doors for its first visitors. 15 years later at the church the people of Bansko begin the construction of a tower, and in 1855 the Veleganovi brothers make 4 bells for it.
The exterior masonry is made of stone with a wall thickness of 1.10 meters, and the roof is carried by 12 columns which most likely symbolize the disciples of Christ. The door and window sills are carved stone and the walls are raised by white marble blocks.

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