City Dezna - details and images

Dezna fortress sits near the village of the same name, at the foot of the mountains and near Woods Moma Moneasa well known resorts in Arad county.

The first mention of the city was in 1318 when it was donated Losonczi family. In 1565 the city became the property of John Sigismunt, being the city boundary.

According to legend Peretseny László Nagy (1817) says that the city name is derived from the Dacian king Decebal nurnele. Dominating the region and the access road to the heart of Woods-Moma Mountains, the fortress built in the center of the Romanian Principality, dating from the thirteenth century.
Most important one is in sec. XVI-XVII, with 1552 being part of the defense system of western Transylvania, especially in the hands of the Turks after the fall Ineului (1566).

Through its strategic position, dominating the city Dezna entire region has a strong bastion and several walls. With all these fortifications, Dezna city was occupied by the Turks in 1574 and retaken by more than 22 years, when she was placed under the command of a soldier who fought Michael the Brave Selimbar. In 1658, the city Dezna is reoccupied by the Turks, who mastered until 1693, when the fortress is practically a ruin.

All these made today of the once proud city has kept only three walls is important, although one can distinguish and traces of other defense systems, the outline and some parts of Courtyard moats.

Currently trying to preserve the ruins that have survived over the years and is aimed at introducing them in the future in the tourist circuit.

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