Clisura Dunarii - details and images

The Danube Clisura is a geographical region along the northern bank of the Danube, south of Banat. The region is bounded by the Nera River to the west and the Danube Boilers to the east.
The largest settlements in the Danube Clisura are Orsova and Moldova Noua. Also from the Danube Clisure are the communes Socol, Pojejena, Coronini, Garnic, Sichevita, Berzasca from Caras-Severin county, as well as Svinita, Dubova, Eselnita, Ilovita and Breznita-Ocol from Mehedinti county.
The region is inhabited by Romanians and Serbs, some localities having a majority Serbs. These are majority in Socol, Pojejena and Svinita. There is also a community of Czechs, especially around Garnic, more specifically in Bigar and Eibenthal.
Historically, the region belonged to the Banat Military Frontier and was divided into the "Vlahilor" (Roman) and the Illyrian (Serbian) sectors.
The tourist attractions are numerous, from hiking through the Almajului Mountains to boating. Veteran Caves and Ponicova are ideal places for adventure lovers. On the Danube Clisure, in the area of ​​the Big Boilers is also the largest stone carved statue in Europe - Decebalus Rex.

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