Clock Tower - Bern - details and images

The tower was built mostly of wood, at the western gate of the city of Berne between 1218-1220. But how in 1256 the city walls have been moved to the West, to Kafigturm Tower was abandoned for a short while, then turned into a prison, was destroyed by fire in 1405.

The tower was rebuilt, this time the stone is mounted and a clock. It was damaged in a short time and would remain so for over a century, until a certain Caspar Brunner designed and developed a complicated mechanism, installed in 1530.

Since then he has worked without stopping, even if some parts were changed over time. Sub clock, on the east side, and today there is another complicated mechanism, which is a very accurate clock, announcing the 12 hours of the day, the Sun's position in the zodiac, the day of the week, months of sun and moon, is a real gem technique that fascinates today. The tower was renovated and rebuilt often present aspect, strongly influenced by the Baroque style, dating from 1770-1771.

Fascinating is not just that this watch is functional today, but that beside the clock mechanism has something very complicated: some mechanical figures. A coconut, a few bears, Chronos with his hourglass and a jester dancing, and these few figures begin to move with just four minutes before the hour to announce the new time. Tower can be visited and it can climb to the top, where the view is breathtaking.

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