Constanta Casino - details and images

Casino was one of the buildings emblem of Constanta. In the area where today he had been, between 1880-1902, a building of wood, The casino, as it was called - a place for theater, balls, place of recreation for tourists.

Built (in 1908) under the influence of casino cosmopolitan era, the building is finished and open in 1910 (in 1912 are the finishing touches).

Casino - a room with walls planked and painted in oil and served for "fun to visitors in bathing season " and could be used for charity balls held by the Municipality, consisting of a ballroom, two reading rooms, for newspapers and magazines, two game rooms and the famous "sea terrace, adorned with flags and large enough to become the meeting place of all. Next to this first dance hall is expected the building of another room located below the boulevard.

On 21 December 1909, engineer and architects Elie Radu, Ion Mincu and D. Maimarolu are required to travel to Constanta, a committee designed to study the casino from all points of view. Inspection result was evidenced by an important document which contains documented and well supported opinions of prestigious real personalities. Observations on the addition of spaces: a large room for the restaurant, with kitchen and outbuildings necessary restaurant will be opened to the terrace behind the glass door, which does not obstruct the view of the wide open sea. They suggested scale release of honor through an archway spectacular, adding entries, changing rooms, toilets, and suppression of stairs or windows.

The latest restoration and modernization of the Casino were made in 1937 by designer Daniel Renard.

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