Dambovicioarei Cave - details and images

Dambovicioarei Cave is located in a karst area Rucar Bran, one of the most developed country. It was formed in the limestone Massif, Damboviciarei river water due to the action, whose valley is located a few meters downstream.
The goal consists of an underground gallery branched weak rocks about 250 m long, with a slightly upward path and oriented from southwest to northeast.
It is a warm cave 10 -12 C with moderate humidity easily crossed by a stream of air. From geographically becomes known in 1767, when J Fridalsky, quotes in his "Mineralogia Magni Principatus Transylvania", the first cave in Muntenia and Oltenia detected in a scientific paper. Every corner of it was christened with names of the most bizarre: lace room, living bats, Chinese writing, organ, deer, umbrella ...
Recent research has led to the discovery of a new gallery visitors and less accessible to the existence of fossils of Ursus Spelaeus rich.

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