Danube Boilers - details and images

Danube Boilers is a sector of Clisura Danube Danube (Danube Gorge) to pass through the Carpathian Mountains. Have a length of about 9 km, and width in some places is only 180-250 m, hampering navigation.
The river is bordered by vertical walls, cliffs, maximum depth of around 75 m.

Large boilers have a length of about 4 km, placing it between massive Ciucarul Great (in Romania) and Veliki Strbac (Serbia). On the wall of limestone that portion flanchează Large boilers are two caves: Shut Ponicova and Veterans.

Small boilers spread over a length of about 3 km, are being positioned between massive Ciucarul Breakfast (Romania) and Mali Strbac (Serbia).

Danube Basins and massive Ciucarul Large / Small Ciucarul part of the Iron Gate National Park.

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