Delos Island - details and images

One of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, is an island located 2 kilometers west of Mykonos. The entire island was declared a national museum.

According to legend, the island of Delos was made to appear from the depths of the trident of Poseidon. He remained a floating island, until Zeus tied her to the seabed with chains of diamonds (or, as another version had settled it by four columns), to prepare a safe and quiet as Latona would soon give birth to Apollo and Artemis brothers. Finally, the two gods saw the light of day on Mount Kynthios. Delos became then the most important place of worship of Apollo. Strabo and Pausanias told that Apollo and Poseidon had given him in exchange for the island Calauria Delphi.

The museum was built in 1904 by the Archaeological Society of Athens and originally consisted of five rooms to the west. Current exhibition is organized into nine rooms. Six rooms are home to statues and ornaments found in Delos (one of the best collections in the world), two rooms house the pottery from prehistory till late Hellenistic period and the last room holds many objects of daily life, found in private homes.

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