Devil's Pond - Covasna - details and images

Symbol of the city, The Devil's Pond, as it is called by locals, is a mud volcano as the emanations of carbon dioxide and sulfur. It was opened to the public in 1881 and initially used for treatment, thus entering the city among resorts resorts.

According to tradition, in the 1700s phenomenon of nature was further north, but moved to center enigmatic way, leaving his old place a little brother, "Little Devil Balta.

Devil's Pond is, according to geologists, an emanation of carbon dioxide and mineral water springing from below the water table is maintained in the swirling gases, swarm. In the nineteenth century there were a series of eruptions: in 1837, 1857, 1864 and 1885, the largest being in 1837. Currently, Marsh Fucking volcano is completely harmless, taking place the last major eruption in 1984. This marks the natural curiosity of the great fault line that crosses the Carpathians.

Gases accumulated in special places called pits are an excellent and unique natural factor to treat multiple diseases primarily of cardiovascular disease.

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