Dimitrie Ghica Park - the Bucegi Museum Reserve - details and images

Park Dimitrie Ghica "in Sinaia, was founded in 1881 and planning was done under the guidance of Swiss landscape architect, Eder. It hosts more trees and inside runs on a stage arranged festivals in Sinaia. parc1

One can admire, on the paths that cross the park, busts of people who have lived or simply visited Sinaia, such as Mihai Eminescu and Ion Creanga, Nicholas Balcescu and Dimitrie Ghica. It was a close friend of Prince later became King Charles I at the entrance to the park still there and bust actor Lon (Iancu) Brezeanu, Honorary Citizen of Sinaia, and as mentioned, and "citizen" of Caragiale. He lived between 1869-1940.

Bucegi Museum Reserve
It is a part of a science museum Prahova county, founded in 1976 by professor emeritus Margaret care old man, Prahova prestigious scientist. The museum is located in the park "Dimitrie Ghica" in Sinaia, and includes examples of flora and fauna Bucegi, rare and protected species, endangered species and even disappeared, and endemism (unique to Bucegi). The building was renovated and restored in the tourist circuit in 1993, through the good professor Emilia Iancu docent doctor and university professor Ileana Christmas, their belonging and their conception of the museum's current theme. May be available for visitors and a temporary exhibition hall, which housed dozens of exhibitions such as the arras, shells, live reptiles and more. At the end of the visit, any tourist can lays his impressions in a book specifically dedicated to this.
Bucegi whom he loved so much Margaret old man, were presented as its conception: "There is imperious necessity of protecting nature, both in terms of what is in it, as declared monuments, and placed under the shield law so as well all about the landscape that we all go through and we admire million people, including, unfortunately, still existing and in those who forget that others will go there tomorrow, over a year, over decades. "

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