Drobeta Roman Camp - details and images

Drobeta stone fortress was first built in Dacia (103-105) by Emperor Trajan, a Roman camp defense and an important military and political, was originally built to house 500 soldiers are providing security to the bridge.

Foundations can be seen today (rebuilt by Constantine the Great) over an area of two hectares, with four side doors with housing, barracks, weapons storage, building roads and in the center of the prosecutor's camp (the master) where he stopped himself Emperor Trajan in the winter of 105.

West of the camp, the Danube River, the ruins are visible thermals (Bath) Roman, were found in brick walls stamped Macedonica Legion (one of two Roman legions stationed permanently in the province of Dacia) sign of the baths building dating while the construction camp and bridge.

In the time of its existence, the Roman camp Drobeta period is marked by five major changes:
Trajan - Adrian;
Mid-century. III, when the Emperor Gallienus, are reconstructed, with baths, towers, gates and the walls which had suffered damage from the war years lint 245-247.
End of the century. III (Diocletian), they are fully restored in the camp that still retains the old form and dimensions, to note the rise tower shaped corner arc. South Gate is added to the two towers. Other rectangular towers protects doors north, west and east, the access is only on southern gate.
sec. fourth century to the beginning. marks the fifth addition to the enclosure wall thickening and ascension, interior modification camp, when it built a Greek cross-shaped building consisting of 78 square living space,
Anastasius - Justinian.

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