Durau Monastery - details and images

Durau Monastery is located in the spa and climatic Durau Ceahlau in the eastern mountains at a distance of 5 km from Duruitoarea waterfall, from which, according to tradition, they would be named. By placing them so insulated by the natural position occupied in Moldova, the monastery was Durau long been the most coveted in Ceahlau settlement.

The new church is unique architectural Durau hermitage of Churches in Moldova from the nineteenth century, and three towers triconical plan arranged above the altar, the nave and the narthex.

Bell tower is a massive building, on a square, with three levels. The first floor chapel, where he organized a permanent exhibition of religious art, among which there are exhibits and a beautiful veil of the church in the eighteenth century, worked in a folk style, with Byzantine influences light. Icons painted on thick oak planks are characterized by simplicity and compositional dynamism and vibrant colors with shades used and define the place smoothed individualize each character. .
Great value of the monument from Durau result of the special qualities of the painting but that Nicholas and his students have made Tonitza it in the years 1935-1937.
Using the technique encausticii and knowingly violating the old iconographic canons, N. Tonitza concentrated in a few scenes throughout large pictorial development, in which he introduced with great courage, character and secular elements of the landscape taken from the port and the local human typology .
Chapel paintings in warm tones, with strong influences of his art Tonitza Varahil Moraru is due Archimandrite Theodore, a former monk and abbot at Durau, who executed it in 1938 and restored it after the Second World War during which the monastery was seriously damaged.

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