Ecaterina's Gate - details and images

Catherine's Gate (German Katharinentor) was built to facilitate access şcheienilor in Brasov, the middle side of the Weavers' Bastion and the Smiths, the site of an old gate dating from the fourteenth or fifteenth century, destroyed by flood 24 August 1526, and from the Turkish invasions. It stretched from the current S Corp "Transilvania" University, where he died gate, far beyond the Schei Gate current. Being situated at the end of Catherine Street - which in turn took its name from the monastery who had been there - the gate was named Catherine.

In 1559 was high and the tower gate, which is visible today. The square, three-storey building is in the top four towers symbolizing "Jus Gladiator", a privilege Brasov medieval rulers gave the right to apply the ultimate punishment. Canopy tower is painted in Renaissance style and its architecture is unique in the world, making him a valuable artistic gem. The documents indicate that for each of the eight holes to pull the tower had been bombed in Prague. Gate Tower - now mostly in the ground - has suffered significant damage due to earthquakes and fires of 1689 and 1738. Romanian negustorimii Nemairăspunzând requirements in Schei gate (except the tower) was demolished in 1827, a year later the present building Schei Gate.

Today, the gate tower renovated houses regular exhibitions of art and history.

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