Eiffel Tower - details and images

Monument gets its name from the designer or Gustave Eiffel and is the tallest building in Paris. Over 200 million people visited the tower since its opening in 1889 thus making it the most visited monument in the world. Together with its antenna 24 meters, the structure measures 325 feet tall. When construction was completed in 1889 the structure was declared the tallest building in the world title that he belonged until 1930 when the Chrysler Building was built in New York. Tower is now building as tall fifth highest in France and Paris. The tower weighs over ten thousand tons.

Eiffel Tower has two restaurants: Altitude 95 in the first level (to 95 m high) and Jules Verne on the second floor. The latter is a gastronomic destination for connoisseurs.

The most visited place in Paris is always crowded and the queues at the entrance can be very large. To avoid them if possible is recommended that you try to visit it in the morning and during the week.

Few are those places or monuments that symbolize Paris better than the Eiffel Tower. Of course there are many other sights in Paris with a richer history. There are places less crowded and more romantic. There are beautiful panoramic views seating (on the steps of Notre Dame, or the top of the tower Montparnesse Arc de Triomphe). It also is not necessary to visit the Eiffel Tower itself as about anywhere in central Paris you can see this architectural wonder.

If you visit the tower, you have to wait in line for one of two elevators that climb to the top. They depart every eight minutes, however the wait time can be very high. On the first floor you can see things about the history of the Eiffel Tower, you can even send one to the tower (there is a post office there) or you can dine at Altitude 95. Both levels have souvenir shops and Internet cafes. On top you can see the city and there are all kinds of guides that tell you what you see. However the height is so large that it can be difficult to locate certain things.


Floor 3: Adults - € 12, € 6.7 for children between 3-11 years
Floor 2: Adult - € 7.8, € 4.3 for children between 3-11 years
1st floor: Adults - € 4.8, € 2.5 for children between 3-11 years

Floors 1 and 2: access is € 4 for people over 25 years and 3.10 € for those under 25 years.

All children under three have free access. Prices may vary slightly depending on the season. They offer discounts for large groups and for persons with disabilities.

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