Europa Park (Amusement Park) - details and images

Europa Park is the largest amusement park in Germany, the second in Europe after Diensyland attractiveness.
Located in southern Germany, bordering Switzerland and France, Europa-Park focuses on an area of 85 ha, 13 European themed areas, providing guests with over 100 attractions, variety shows, theater, cinema but also a gastronomic variety.

It is located near the city of Freiburg, just 40 km from it, and 160 km from Stuttgart, in the village of Rust, the German amusement park has the overall theme the idea of a united Europe. Therefore, it was built on specific thematic areas of regions and countries on the European continent and brought together asipratii same values. Here, Europe is not just a point on the map, but becomes part of living with each visitor. The attractions are numerous and depend only on the "national zone" of the park you are.

The main attractions are the second roller Russes: Silver Star and the new Catapult Coaster (2009). If the Silver Star, the largest and tallest roller coaster in Europe - which falls into the void with a speed of 130 km per hour - will not raise the maximum level of adrenaline, then sguranta new coaster that reaches speeds Catapult amazing in less than 2.5 seconds, making three turns of 360 degrees and the highest looping - will breathtaking!

Among other attractions of the park in May include:
Euro-Tower, Magic Cinema, Jungfrau glacier, balloon ride, Curse of Cassandra, Tirol Train Water rafting on the fjords, the space station MIR, huge slides, etc..

4 upper middle class hotels (4 *), offering quality services emphasizing either Spanish or Italian style temper "dolce vita". For high quality home services and meals, Europa Park in 2007 and was awarded the 2008 Golden Pine PEMI.

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