Evangelical Cathedral - details and images

Evangelical Church is one of the most imposing buildings in the historic center of Sibiu, and that due to its tower height (highest in Transylvania-over 73 feet) visible from almost every part of town.

The church is known for impressive organ within an organ made of baroque Cathedral of Sibiuun Evangelical Slovak master 1671, organ that replaced the first organ brought to Sibiu in 1585. It is the largest organ in Europe S-E.

Inside, the collateral north nose tips usable console is based on the plant grounds, one of which is decorated with a human face. The keystone is represented Mary and Jesus, then Luke and Mark evangelists symbols.

In the north-east of the monument is the door to the sacristy, which is recessed into the masonry a detail of a Renaissance-style doors, most likely from Albert Huet comitelui house, his coat is dated 1595.

Cathedral Choir is the balcony on the south side and includes a Baroque organ built in 1671 by a Slovak artist who replaced the first organ brought in Sibiu in 1585. The new organ was built by Wilhelm Sauer company (Frankfurt / Oder) and mounted in the church of Sibiu in 1915.

Mobile Inventory of the Evangelical Church in Sibiu, one of the most impressive Gothic churches in Romania is particularly valuable. Even if some of worship of silver plated ware, works of famous masters in Sibiu, and Sebastian Hann, are not publicly available, other pieces of great value can be seen in church. In the choir, on the axis of the church is one of the most beautiful bronze fonts existing in our country. It has the shape of a cup with foot, leg, and node basin is decorated with a series of inscriptions Gothic. Also on the surface are made of 228 plaques in relief, many of figurative representations of Byzantine influence. The font dates from the year 1438 being the work of master Leonhardus. It was supposedly captured Turkish cannons cast in bronze by locals in 1437.

In front of the church is the statue of Bishop Georg Daniel Teutsch (1817-1893) built in 1899.

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