Fire Tower - Satu Mare - details and images

Fire Tower was built between 1903-1904 and has an overall height of 45 m. The tower base has a rectangular section of 4.32 m outer side, an octagonal interior was made, wall thickness of 80 cm. From 9.93 m above the tower listing passes the variable-diameter circular section height of 3.90 m measured at the bottom reducing to 3.0 m at the top. Wall thickness is also variable, decreasing in steps from 80 cm to 45 cm below the basic level circular balcony. Deeasupra circular balcony and decorative brickwork to the base of the tower dome 30 cm thick.

Access to the balcony circular platform is via a staircase metal spiral. Platform circular perimeter balcony floor is made of wood as supported by metal beams. The platform is fitted with a protective wrought iron railing.

The dome is made of wood and the decorative covering in copper sheets. At the top of the dome is mounted an old emblem of the city.
Entry to the tower is through a portal with a triangular pediment, with over three boxes consist of four sticks of carved stone, which were three texts on the year to raise the tower and the context in which the tower was realizat.Constructorul Vainay Louis. Today is a symbol of the old town.

Restoration of the tower was completed in 2005, when the occasion firefighters on September 13 he could be visited.

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