Fishermen's Bastion - details and images

As part of the renovation works of the neighborhood hosting the Royal Palace in Budapest, Fishermen's Bastion was built in 1905.

There are two explanations about the origin of the name bastion. Some people say that a fish market is located nearby in the Middle Ages and from there it gets its name bastion. Another explanation is based on the assumption that the fishermen's guild defended this part of the wall of the castle in Budapest. In spite of being called a bastion, in fact construction is a terrace where the view is amazing.

Fishermen's Bastion has seven towers, one for each of the Hungarian tribes. Construction plans appear to have been inspired by oriental. Some have considered building a kitchs and others have found it very beautiful. Either way, the view it offers a memorable visit is the Fisherman's Bastion.

Fishermen's Bastion is open daily 24 hours from 24.

Entry fee is about 1 €.

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