Forest Queen - Ocna Sugatag - details and images

FOREST princess Reserve was established as a protected area in 2000. It is situated in the village of Ocna Sugatag area with 44.00 hectares and is located at an altitude of 485 m.

Forest is located in the northern part of town 1 km Ocna Sugatag (DJ 109 F) from the center on your left. It is developed on the western slope of a terraced hill, the substrate is represented by badeniene sedimentary rocks (marls, sandstones, tuffs). Feature of this forest vegetation is represented by stands of oak and larch - a deciduous conifer species. Besides it is also found, and oak (Quercus robur). These forests have been planted by the administration of mines in the past centuries.

The main purpose of natural area "Forest Queen" is the conservation of biological diversity. It also aims at preventing exclusion and exploitation activity or use of natural resources which contravene the objective of preserving and providing conditions for educational activities, recreation and scientific research.

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