Fortified Church "Virgin" - Galati - details and images

It is the oldest building in Manchester, was consecrated as a place of worship in September 1647 during the reign of Vasile Lupu. The church was dedicated Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos. The church was raising the existing materials used on site: stone men, wood from forests Covurluiului platform, brick and lime, sand beaches, etc. Danube.

Romanian church architecture and presents some specific elements: bell tower with battlements, which can be used to observe the Danube Valley, and in case of need became defensive fortification. The tower, consisting of two levels, is provided with a room to hide assets, with two ramparts, and an access door, probably to a balcony. The second floor was fitted with windows and battlements. Another defense to "Virgin" is reinforced bridge consisting of two parts, one above the nave and two above the altar. The bridge is equipped with 28 battlements.

In masonry, among the rows of brick, stone is used, unused equipment to other Moldovan churches built in the same period. Church, "Virgin" bore all hardships times, being burned by the Ottomans in 1711, destroyed in the Russo-Ottoman-Austrian wars of 1735-1739 and 1769-1774. In 1821, the Ottomans and the housing destroyed and robbed. The church was rebuilt and restored in 1829 and, in 1859. He did a restore and then between 1953 to 1957, the church was turned into a museum. In the period 1991-1994, the church, "Virgin" was restored and the Orthodox religion and was played .

They say there is a secret tunnel under the Danube from the church to the other side of the river in order to hide assets and escape the attacks of enemies.

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