Fortified Evangelical Church - Bazna - details and images

Church, located in the north - east of town Bazna was built in century 15 and the wall surrounding in the centuries 15 and 16. It contains roman parts of the century 13.

The choir is built like a tower. Some details of Romance (western portal, small choir) indicates the existence of a previous century buildings. 13. By the end of the century19, the choir tower and the gate, had an uncovered watch road .

On the northern wall of the choir is a sacramental niche stone, dated 1504. I also noted Baroque organ (1757) and a pew cent. 16. Polyptych altar (1430-1440) is decorated with reliefs of influence and is now exposed Slovakian Museum Sibiu.In Brukenthal gate bell tower are three bells ((bronze, decorated with vine stalks) dated before The Reformation in the sixteenth century.

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