Fortress Histria - details and images

Is located on the shores of Lake Sinoe City Histria first Greek colony on the western shore of the Black Sea and the oldest city in Romania.
It was founded in mid-seventh century needle was then finally abandoned in the seventh century PC. Founded by Greek merchants and navigators Histria city had a continuous development both in Greek and in the Romanian, was long the most important economic center of the Danube. The settlement was surrounded by defensive walls, water supply pipeline to achieve and the streets were paved with stone.
Olive oil, wine, Greek ornaments were exchanged for grain, honey, beeswax, hides, canned, salted fish, pine resin faclele that once existed here, provided by local tribes.
The settlement is surrounded by a strong defensive wall, was supplied with water by pipeline over 20 km long, the streets were paved with stone, and physical education institutions = gymnasion and the cultural and artistic = museion usual bustle knew places like this.
Fortress and prosper under Romanian domination when the city started to build temples dedicated to Roman gods, and neighborhoods for wealthy citizens.
Unfortunately Halmyris overlooking the bay which was the settlement begins to impotmoleasca sand, closing the exit to the Black Sea. Fortress will be permanently abandoned after Histria invasion destroyed much of the failure of settlement.
Currently, you can visit: the defense wall with towers and bastions, enclosing the west by Lake Sinoe lower surface of the late Roman city of about seven hectares (including the former Greek city acropolis). There can be seen preserved ruins of Greek temples sacred area, paved roads and residential neighborhoods or workshops, especially the Roman baths, civil and Christian basilica and the city center, one of the largest Christian basilica in the region dating from sixth century AD

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