Fortress Poenari - details and images

Near the dam Vidraru top of the mountain fortress, looming Poienari old city, which is reached by climbing 1,480 concrete steps winding through beech forest. Here, at an altitude of 850 m, protected by steep slopes, the city was built "nest of mighty eagles old" part of centuries ago, a chain of fortifications that defended the northern border of the Romanian Country.

In the thirteenth century, there was only a tower of stone, but in the fourteenth century, the fortification of the cliff top dressed with thick stone walls in the upper lined with brick. Construction could only accommodate a garrison of about 30-40 soldiers, but enough to embarrass armateii enemy movements.

Here is where, according to legend, Vlad Tepes Turks withdrew from the path. Access to its thick walls and today is a pain because it won only allow those who dares to climb the 1480 steps built into the hill crest. Perhaps this challenge attracts thousands of tourists every year, which once reached the top, were part of an incredible sight. Castle ruins left to discern a unique landscape and wildlife splendor. This made the local administration to focus more attention on this tourist attraction.

Although in the "Chronicle Cantacuzino" says that the fortress was built in command of Vlad Tepes who, desiring to punish the boyars: "... all Poenari took them to the city and have all worked on were broken up Dupre her clothes ...", it seems that this occurrence is related only to further the restoration or completion.

The fortress was the last refuge of the Prince before leaving for Transylvania. She was one of the fortifications that have contributed to the final victory of the Romanians in 1462. Vlad the Impaler, has the merit of being delayed for at least seven decades of the Ottoman armies advance to the south-central Europe. The latest restoration of the fortress was made between 1969-1972, when they consolidated and built walls were built as allowing access visit in the best condition of the entire fortress.

Much of the northern portion of the wall no longer keeps collapsing along with the rock on which it rested, the earthquake of 1915. The buildings are built straight on rock, using oak beams smoothing and cohesion, so that because of the steep slope on the outside of their height is much higher. Interior rooms of the towers have semicircular top at approximately the same level as the interior limestone fortress after smoothing, and they are paved with brick rectangular openings in the floor being practiced firing artillery. At 3.5 m naltime semicircular towers were arranged inside a watch or a platform aisle, and lets us understand the traces of wooden beams mentioned tower wall.

A legend about the fortress Poenari known as River Lady, wife talks about the prince, who knew that the Turks are nearby and feeling that has no escape, he climbed the river Arges metetrezele from soldiers and shouted that he prefers to be Turks kill rather than be held hostage. Then she threw the country into the abyss, the body of the rocks zdrobindui watered by river water. The place where Mrs. fall because of the blood turned red, and this is visible today.

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