Fortress Sitan Kale - details and images

The fortress is located in Kalyata, just 5 km away, southwest of the resort town, Sitan Kale is among the largest in the area of the citadels that are discovered in this region.
The fortress is an antique and was erected to protect the Razlog Valley, the Roman road, which passed along the Mesta valley, in Pirin Mountain to the Struma Valley.
The fortress is located in a place where strategic care is allowed or wrong quickly, supervises and secures. It is built on an agreement surrounded by forest. At the beginning of the excavations in the Kalyata area, archaeologists found a large number of coins, vases, weapons from the period.
The walls of the fortress have a thickness of up to a half meter. When visiting the fortresses you can see the citadels, celebrities 2 defense towers, walls built with split stones and red bricks and the remains of other buildings.

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