Franciscan Complex architectural Medias - details and images

The building comprises two large buildings: the church and Franciscan monastery. The church possesses an oblong room with a choir from the ship's proportions. The vessel is semi-cylindrical arch form with penetration and strengthened dublouri spring.

The walls have been articulated by four pairs of massive pillars in the upper profiled rich. Choir provided the vault in the net, in the north, he is attached to a tower that rises above the vestry of the church, used as a defensive fortress tower.

Further south, the first two eastern bays of the vessel corresponds to an apse chapel completed in three sides, which keeps a window moldings flamboyant Gothic. Under the chapel choir, and tombs dating from the seventeenth century.

It is difficult to determine the success of the construction phase without extensive research or excavations parament. According schematism (1838), about the year 1444 the church was in possession of the Franciscan monks.

However, more certainly gives us some preserved architectural details inside. Gothic phase of the monument have been preserved: a portal west facade geminate, late Gothic, the choir is a beautiful Gothic door with a box with crossed sticks, the four windows of the choir with polilobate moldings, and vestry, at the ground floor are kept two frames late Gothic.

Today the whole complex is surrounded in a trapezoid shape south of the church.

The oldest part of the monastery, however, is the east, where the corresponding phase Gothic vaulted cellar has three semi cylindrical trevee to communicate with each other through broken arch arcade.

The sides shall belong to her room near the sacristy and provided with star-shaped arch elegance.

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