Free Press House - Bucharest - details and images

Free Press House, originally designed as "Exploring Complex, was built in five years (1952-1957) (between 1949 and 1954, was project leader prof. Emeritus Panaite Mazilu Eng), is intended for publication media State and especially the newspaper spark, "organ" of the Romanian Workers' Party Central Committee. The antenna on this building has argued for a while, since 1956, Romanian TV broadcaster.

After 1989, "Exploring the house is known as the Free Press.

Former Polygraph Combine "" Exploring "and it became after 1989, the printing Autonomous" Coresi "In turn, became director in February 1999 in the printing Coresi National Company - SA The building is a set of four sides that are home to a large patio, plus two assemblies in the form of U, which are related to the body of the present assemblies that were left open to later build a home theater and a trade union . Because construction costs were very high, and home theater unions have never been higher.

Part of the funds collected through public subscription to "voluntarily" giving them the employees salary as vouchers, which justified the lack of money. In the picture a ticket worth 20 lei, but there were also 30 lei and 100 lei.
"Exploring the manufacturer was the first work that introduced the calculation of resistance to a possible earthquake, taking into account some old rules, when Mussolini's Italian. These rules have proved to be better even than in 1963 because they were simpler and more emphasis was placed on the intensity of the earthquake, and not on how building

The building was designed to be functional and have done several rooms, and office space.
The architecture was inspired by the tall buildings in Moscow - University, Leningraskaia Gastelniţa (Hotel Leningrad). Another building that had the same source of inspiration is the Palace of Culture in Warsaw.

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