"Galbenei" Gorges - details and images

Located in south-western and western basin closed Padis - Fortress of Ponor, outside it, is an aisle Galbenei Valley drainage water to the majority Beiuş Depression Basin Padis. Almost throughout her Galbenei Valley includes narrow gorges, bounded by vertical walls and steep slopes, with numerous waterfalls and is very difficult to travel. Upstream sector is the most spectacular portion of the junction with Valley Izbucul Galbenei and Luncşoara, forming a narrow canyon, bordered by vertical walls of more than 100 m.
Izbucul Galbenei underground river cave is a resurgence of the Fortress of Ponor, in fact most of the flow of rivers that cross the closed basin Padis - Fortress of Ponor and Zăpodie System of Barsa Pit. Izbucul is a small pool of water about 7 m in diameter at the base of a cliff wall. Downstream, the cascading water prăvăleşte.
Trapped in a narrow canyon, valley gutters and Marmite Galbenei create inaccessible, covering such a difference of 100 m 700 m length as the crow flies. In the valley there is a cave mouth, where river water enters loudly. Underground tunnel is beginning golden key, over 100 m long and hard practicable. It ends with a very picturesque waterfall range, seven meters high, which is based on a lake.
A tourist route through the golden key, there are facilities for tourists, consisting of pieces of steel cables and chains for support. Due to the increasing difficulty and danger, this route is only recommended for experienced travelers in good physical condition. His crossing is not recommended in bad weather or in times of flood.
A branch of the route climbs over the rocky wall of keys where there are two lookout points suspended at 200 m above the valley, offering unprecedented views over the canyon and on the opposite wall over 300 meters high

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