Giola - details and images

Digging for time and sea, Giola is one of the most beautiful sights in Thassos. The pool was formed naturally in the Gulf of Mermaids, and over the years it was shaped by winds and filled by the foamy waves of the Aegean Sea, which form a kind of lagoon with waters greener than the emerald. As for Greece, of course there are several legends about this place: Zeus would have made this pool for Aphrodite, and would have made the pool for him. Mermaids are also said to love this place. Giola is one of the island's unmissable goals. In the form of a "natural pool" formed by the collapse of the ceiling of a cave, the "pool" is fed by the waves of the sea. The water has an impressive emerald green color, and on the bottom of Giola you can see pieces of rocky walls and many sea urchins. Access to Giola is more difficult.

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