Glacier in Zgurasti - details and images

The cave is located in the village of Garda de Sus, Alba County, Bihor Mountains on the steep slope descending from the hill Mununa Ordancusii Valley, at an altitude of 921 m. It is reached either ascending slope Ordancusii Valley as a barely visible path that downstream of the cave begins Ionele Gate or down the hill Mununii, the red cross marking leading from the village of Upper Garda Scărişoara Cabana.

The steep slope Ordancusa Valley, over a limited area to form a platform that is perforated by aven opening a diameter of 40 m. The northern wall (the one from the side) opens a double-arch: right (east), a large Portal 20 m wide and 30 m high, and the left (west) portal lower than 10 m wide and 3-4 m high. Above these openings has pit wall to the rim about 50 m high.
The pit is 30 m down without difficulty through the southwest corner and get the big debris that seeps under the two portals. In the mid-slopes in the right wall to which descend two small holes are opened galleries. The lower one is close to several tens of meters but the more complicated upper ends in steep mountain, forming the second entrance of the cave.

After the portal is also down 30 m and reaches a vast hall, impressive in size, richly illuminated by the light pours through the big portal. Hall, elongated east-west, is 120 m long, 60 meters wide, 50 feet high and flat bottom, made of clay, which develops a rich vegetation of the muscle. The wall opposite the entry is pasted a debris that extends over a very long and reaches a height of about 25 m from the back of the room. All around the room different levels of clay indicate the height to which water rises, the maximum being about 25 m, when the entire room is flooded into the lake.

The Great Hall is starting four galleries at various levels. In the far left we find the "Gallery U" as a niche downward starting at the 4 m room with an opening of 50 cm. It then rises to 2 m in diameter, ending with a strong clay colmataj.
Next to dreapata "Gallery V" which after a few tens of meters below debuşază Gate Hall. Opposite the hall and then climb a waterfall falling into the 2 m Hall ending trap. The next gallery "Galeria H" is something above and parallel with "V" but narrow and low. This was mounted a metal gate, gate selfish. Gallery Hall ceiling ends below gate that connects two shafts.

Last, "Y Gallery" begins a few meters further to the right, is uninteresting and ends after 40 m.

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