Gorge and Waterfall Slanicului - Slanic Moldova - details and images

Gorges and waterfalls are part of the route Slanicului "300 stairs."
Narrow and sometimes steep paths on the left bank of Slanicului, shady and quiet, offers a captivating scenery and wild young lovers getaway but was easy to go, and form a route preferred by many tourists who love to capture some of performance offered by the resort, accompanied by the murmur of waterfall.
The keys are spread over a length of about 400 m, along with asphalt road at a lower rate, the restaurant next to the waterfall. A bridge built in front of the restaurant facilitate the passage on the left bank of the river, the path with concrete slabs spanning the upstream and downstream. From about 20 m height have a very nice view over the falls and gorges. On the left bank there, close to the riverbed below deck, mineral spring "La Cascade".

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