Grand Palais (Grand Palais) - details and images

In 1900, Paris was chosen to host the World Expo. Because of the importance of the event, was funded several construction projects including the Alexander III Bridge, Grand Palais and Petit Palais, a building similar but smaller.

Grand Palais is one of the most famous sights in Paris, because the glass roof and impressive. It was the work of three different architects, but the project was implemented by the famous French architect Charles Girault, who was then given a free hand to design the Petit Palais (Little Palace). The building is a combination of classic stone facade, iron art nouveau style glass.

Grand Palais is also presently the largest iron and glass building in the world, a title that building originally belonged to Crystal Palace in London, which was destroyed by fire. Grand Palais in Paris of the Belle Epoque style contains 9,400 tons of iron, has 15,000 square feet of glass and approximately 5,000 square feet of roofing iron and zinc. The exterior is stone and is decorated with colorful mosaics and different sculptures.

After the first glass roof fell in 1993, the building was closed for renovations for nearly 10 years. The first part was reopened in 2004, and the rest only in 2007. The restoration focused on the metal frame repair, glass replacement and repair acoperisului.Unele of outdoor decorations at the Grand Palais also benefited from renovations, including statues representing the horses gallop over the roof. And the mosaic was repaired and restored.

For more than 100 years, the Grand Palais was a public hall for exhibitions, and hosted many important events. Although the main gallery is dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions, here are organized various exhibitions and events, from vintage car exhibitions to fashion shows. The Grand Palais there are actually three different areas, each with a separate entrance: Palais de la Decouverte (a science museum) is located on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, National Galeries du Grand Palais (exhibition hall) which has entered the market Clemenceau and Nef du Grand Palais (events hall) which is entered by Winston Churchill Avenue (across from the Petit Palais).

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