Graz Cathedral - details and images

South of the Burg is late Gothic cathedral (1438-1462), the place of a church dedicated to St. Giles in 1174.

In 1564 he became the church yard, and in 1786 was the residence of Bishops Seckau.

The main door is very beautiful, decorated with the emblem of its founder, Emperor Frederick III. On the southern outer wall, which gives to a small market, are the remains of a late Gothic frescoes (1485), "landsplagenbild", describing the threat of plague Graz, Turks, and an invasion of locusts.

Inside the church mostly Baroque, is impressive. Large vessel is separated from the choir through a triumphal arch narrow side which are two beautiful shrine in 1477. The choir is dominated by a colored marble high altar (1730-1733). Altar piece showing "Divine Miracle: Giles. In the nave are monuments and shrines with statues and beautiful paintings. Beautifully carved pulpit dates from 1710. Fresco in the chapel of the monastery of St. Christophor is part of the original Gothic interior.

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