Guell park - details and images

Parc Guell is the work of Antoni Gaudi, who has left a remarkable imprint on the city of Barcelona. Park Guell is as special and particular and other works of Gaudi. The park was given by Eusebi Guell Gaudi who wanted to create a stylish park for Barcelona aristocracy

The park contains amazing stone structures and buildings fascinating. The park entrance is the famous dragon is decorated in different colors and that almost became a symbol of Barcelona. The color and gives an air of almost magical and hypnotic. At the top of the hill on which is arranged Parc Guell is an area designed as a terrace that offers a superb view of the park and the entire city of Barcelona. Here are the colorful mosaic benches impress with their appearance.

Parc Guell is found in a house where Gaudi lived for a time period. The house has now been turned into a museum and contains very interesting pieces of furniture designed by Gaudi same. To visit Park Guell have to prepare yourself for a while to go away as the nearest metro station is about 10 minutes walk away. Because of its location and size would have to book at least half a day visit Guell Park but deserve.

Metro: Lesseps - Line 3

Hours: Park opens at 10:00.
Closing time may vary depending on the season but is generally around 19:00. Park entrance is free.

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