Guggenheim Museum - details and images

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a contemporary art museum located in Bilbao, Basque Country.

The museum is one of the five museums of the world's Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. It is probably by far the most recognizable building in Bilbao.

The museum was designed by architect Frank Gehry, one of the most honorable and admire the current architects and designed in an architectural manner "typical" deconstructivist.

Opened to the public in 1997, was designed to represent one of the central elements of the process of urban renewal and cultural revival of the city of Bilbao. Almost immediately after opening, the Guggenheim Bilbao has become an important tourist attraction was almost instantaneous Credidam promoting Basque city in the world. Many believe that this museum has put Bilbao on the map. "

The museum is among the most prominent and spectacular deconstructivist style buildings in the world. Like most buildings designed by Gehry, the structure consists of radically sculpted contours, organic style.

Museum administration argues that the museum does not even have a single side or surface right around the building. Part of the building is crossed by an elevated highway and a major portion of the building is covered with titanium panels, giving the entire steel construction and modern appearance.

Being located in a port town, the museum was built to resemble a ship. Titanium panels, which strongly reflects light like a fish forms, emphasizing again Gehry's intention to build a structure with an organic appearance.

Many modern technology was used in The planning of the building. Views were used computer, which includes CAD. This technology has helped manufacturers to produce a functional and aesthetically harmonious unit which is considered an architectural marvel. During construction, stone panels used as the basis of titanium coated surfaces were cut with a laser.

An important observation is that although the museum is a monument-show when viewed from the air or on the Nervion River, is seen modest street-level, combining harmoniously with the surrounding buildings.

Many museum visitors, especially those in the art world, argue that the dramatic appearance of the whole edifice of the museum's art collection eclipse, which is not particularly unique or special interest.

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