Halmyris Monastery - Murighiol - details and images

Nothing can be seen today in these places do not betray the existence of priceless treasures which were hidden there. Earth barren, wild vegetation, brambles, thistle, abundant dust, heat, desert as the eye can see. Forgotten places of the world, but not the God who hide their gifts carefully guarded by His grace and reveal them when, from faith to those who want to use them, spring from deeds pleasing to him, is a Trinity High, is established a monastery, a cathedral rises - most of Dobrogea - are organized processions and pilgrimages.

Believers come into this spiritual oasis especially in the feast day of July and 8 July. Holy Martyrs is calling us to pray with them. But to reach their meeting place, crossed the distance coaches Tulcea - Murighiol, singing orthodox chants. Joy Tulcea and other pilgrims make their presence known. Raclele with relics of saints, martyrs are welcomed to the city Murighiol Trinity.

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