Henri Coanda International Airport - details and images

Henri Coanda International Airport (IATA: OTP, ICAO: LROP) is the largest airport in Romania and one of the two major airports in Bucharest (Aurel Vlaicu International Airport is another neighborhood Baneasa). Henri Coanda Airport is located outside the urban area of Bucharest, in the town of Otopeni, Ilfov County. In 2007, Henri Coanda Airport had 4,978,587 passengers landed.

Airport name was changed in 2004 (until then called the Otopeni International Airport).

Bucharest airport is accessible by bus lines 783 and 780 RATB which provides suburban services and Henri Coanda Airport Express railway line linking North Station to a station located 1.2 km from the airport, where passengers are taken bus for the remaining distance to the terminal. It is located on the Bucharest-Ploiesti highway. There is a project that aims to link airport with Bucharest's metro system, the construction of new lines linking Victoria Square and the two airports.

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